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   Fitzpatrick, K.  2/13/2018

By far the best dentist I've ever had! I first came to Dr. Blondman's office a little over 7 years ago with some serious dental heath issues. He got my teeth back in shape quickly and always with a smile on his face. I truly would recommend anyone in search of a fantastic to visit Dr. Max and Dr. Blondman!

  Menin, L.  2/08/2018

Terrific, highly experienced dentistry staff. Very pleasant atmosphere. Scheduling of appointments is done very well so that there is limited wait time. Alan Blondman is a gem -- very knowledgeable with a great personality and expert dentistry skills

  McCarthy, J.  2/08/2018

Everyone is so friendly there...I had a really pleasant appointment.

  Baker, J.  12/06/2017

Always Takes Time To Educate

Just went in to see Dr. Blondman and he took the time to really explain what my issue could be -- he even had a slide show to help me visualize! He is an excellent listener and always helps you get to the root of your issues (big and small). Dr. Blondman truly cares about your dental health and carefully researches and considers all factors before delivering your wellness options.

  Cabe, D.  12/05/2017

Dr. Blondman is a master of dentistry. His experience in the dental profession is unrivaled. He offers excellent treatment options and advice on all viable solutions to help patients make the best decision for their situation. His son has recently joined his practice which offers me comfort in case he ever decides to retire. he has an amazing friendly and professional staff. I look forward to my dental visits. I cannot recommend him enough as an amazing dentist and a compassionate care giver.

   Kane, J.  11/20/2017

Family friendly environment and excellent care. I recommend the Drs. Blondman often!

  Owens, M.  11/15/2017

Dr Blondman and his office staff are about as close to perfection as you can get. Dr Blondman is expert, thorough, careful, thoughtful, and does a great job. Explains everything before he does any work. Goes step by step to help make the experience the least stressful as possible. His staff are lovely, caring and cleanings don’t hurt!! I’m extremely satisfied and have been treated by him for about 15 years or so. Now both my children are treated in the office as well.

  Vitale, T.  11/10/2017

Dr. Blondman is a wonderful dentist. He is patient and kind. The staff is also kind. and considerate. I would recommend Dr. Blondman to others.

  Evans, T.  10/16/2017

Dr. Blondman is the BEST! I went in today with what I thought was a minor problem, slightly "bigger problem", but he fit me in and made it all work. In addition, I cannot tell you how many people comment on my teeth and how great they look! All thanks to Dr. Blondman...I highly recommend him and his practice.

  Krieger, A.  10/13/2017

A wonderful office! Everyone works so hard to make you feel welcome and well cared for. Nellie, Bella, Dr. Alan and Dr. Max...a great team!

  Korner, J.  10/03/2017

Prompt, courteous, personable, high quality service. My family and I have been coming to Dr. Blondman for years

  Taub, S.  10/01/2017

Dr. Blondman is a learned master of the art of Dentistry. He has great professional wisdom and judgement from his many years of experience. He makes excellent treatment choices and gets the work done with great skill. Dr Blondman is a sculptor, His hands tell him what to do. To him Dentistry fufills all his aspirations, as health care giver, artist and problem solver. He now enjoys having his son Max follow in his footsteps. His son is also an exceptional painter which I'm sure reflects upon his talents as a dentist

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